As my family stared in confusion at me while taking photos of the lunch we’re about to partake, my dad interjected, “Why do you have to take photos of everything and post them online?”

My instagrammer-self halts and cringes as he shifts his focus from the flatlay to a bubble of self-judgement and introspects, “Bakit nga ba?”

In all honesty, I never dreamed of taking on the cyberspace as a public stage to air my thoughts and experiences through articles that may seem eerily similar from the rest. It’s maybe unsurprising for some but for me, this is a courageous jump into a totally new platform to publicize a story for everyone to see.

“Really? What’s the difference?” my subconscious opposes. I pondered upon this thought as I am already embracing the bandwagon of maintaining a well-curated Instagram grid. I shoot photos, share experiences, and post it on an app which I frequently use as a channel of creative expression of my personal style and aesthetics.

And in a jungle of digital natives who post the most idyllic lifestyle that I personally follow and double tap in all fascination on social media, I can’t help but echo the previously shared sentiment; “What’s my difference?” — I don’t know.

But maybe like many others, what I know is I want something more beyond the grids; an avenue where I can write down my stories, exhibit my works and validate my social creativity.

Imagine having a medium to address the world; induce inspiration; advocate change. As much as possible I want to establish this blog around these spheres through my learning and experiences which substantially aims to take the “influencer” tag into a deeper level.

Don’t get me wrong, this will not be sentiments and all. This blog will mainly be featuring travelogues and sartorial articles as the rest. But on a different note. A personal one that hopes to inspire and enlighten you, readers.

So, if you happened to be here, reading this and opt to join me in this blogventure, hello!

I’m very excited for things ahead.

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” 

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