Okay, it’s time to talk about the highlight of this trip — Universal Studios Sentosa!

As a story teller, I’m fond of seeing creativity come to life where people get to immerse themselves in things that were once a product of the neural network of the creator’s mind. So much more, when these imaginations multiply itself and give audiences a totally new experience through a whole new different platform.

Universal Studios is a good case in point. From the timeless live-action and animated movies we’ve seen come a sensorial adaptation of blockbuster titles presented through exhilarating rides and mind-blowing attractions that will definitely leave you gasping in awe.

Truly, the best experience are those that bring our playful fancies to life. Such was the case when we had a great time prancing around surreal sections of Universal Studios Singapore.


Universal Studios is a full-day worth of your stay in Singapore. It lies in the heart of Sentosa Island that houses a variety of must-see destinations in the city. To get there:

– Take the North East Line to Harbourfront Station.
– Access Sentosa Express located at the 3rd level of VivoCity Mall.
– Board the monorail train that will bring you to the Waterfront Station.
– Voila! Welcome to Sentosa!


Universal Studios houses 7 themed zones comprised of rides, restaurants, souvenir shops, insta-worthy installations, and character appearances set to amuse kids, thrill-seeking yuppies, and families across the globe. From the looks of it, given the influx of daily guests USS caters to, it is actually impossible to completely try everything the park has to offer.

But since, Universal Studios enthralled us more than any other themed-parks, we were steadfast in challenging ourselves to make most out of our time. So as eager as we were, we headed to the amusement park before the clock strikes 10 and strategically planned our attempt to experience everything — literally!


When it’s your first time to set-foot in a new place, it never fails to give you an uncanny feeling that makes it difficult to act. It’s really overwhelming! So in order for us to successfully check out everything, the plan was to head to the most famous attractions first and save all the sight-seeing, photo-taking and souvenir shopping after!

Tip: If you want to skip long lines which may eat up one hour or more of your time, it’s either you head to the famous attractions like we did or just wait for the hype to subside during the latter part of day. Queuing time are posted by the entrance of each attraction, so do check!



While everything in Universal Studios is a-must see, here’s the list of my top 5 favorite rides that I personally recommend to be on top of your must-try attractions too!

Tip: But first, get a map! It will help you locate the attractions you want to experience and set where to head next! Research prior your visit helps too!

Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

Among all the attractions in USS, Transformers has been the most raved about ride! I’ve been hearing a couple of great reviews from friends and influencers which makes it our top priority.The 3D hyper-realistic ride is an indoor cinematic experience that takes thriller rides to a whole new different level. Fused with stunning visual and sensorial effects, the 5-minute showcase will make you feel like an Autobot zipping through buildings ala Optimus Prime in the Michael Bay hit saga.


The Revenge of the Mummy

If I were to choose one ride I’d like to repeat in USS, it will be The Revenge of the Mummy. The indoor roller coaster ride based on the iconic movie I grew up watching on VHS had me gasping from the moment it raptured us into the vast darkness of a fiery tomb.

Every twist, tilts, and turns to every corner of The Mummy world were so surreal to the point of confusion about what is real and what is not! To be honest, it even got me scared and anxious about my safety at one point; it’s that thrillingly effective!


Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon

Now this is where the battle happened: which side shall we go for?

Battlestar Galactica is the world’s tallest duelling roller coasters that offer an ultimate intergalactic battle between Human and Cylon inspired by the television series of the same title. The level of thrill between the intertwined coasters is apparent despite of the mirroring speed. Human is a traditional seated roller coaster while Cylon has an inverted roller coaster track.

So what side did we go for? — Human!


Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey

Aside from live-action ride-adaptations, Universal Studios showcases zones inspired by its animated films as well. One of which is ‘Far Far Away’ that features rides based from one of the most favorite animated movie of all time, Shrek (Plus its many sequels like Puss ‘N Boots!)

Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey is an anti-gravity walkthrough of Puss and Kitty’s adventure atop a giant beanstalk in search for the precious golden eggs. It waxed nostalgic for its familiar fairytale vide that has been a nice interlude after all the nonstop thriller rides.


Jurassic Park

Now this is where our plan of riding everything failed — because it rained! (Ambon, to be precise!)

Even tough Jurassic Park is a white water raft ride where riders have the high tendency to get wet, all outdoor attractions of any kind in Singapore suspend its operations when a single raindrop starts falling from the killjoy sky. It is the standard protocol to ensure general safety.

Tip: When travelling, always make sure you’re well researched about the natural and man-made situations in the place you’re going to. It can either make or break your trip!


Aside from the aforementioned attractions, we had fun exploring kiddie attractions in Madagascar, New York, and Far Far Away which hold the instagram-worthy installations and souvenir shops in the park.


Universal Studios Sentosa opens daily from 10am to 7pm.

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