From an eye of someone who watches video blogs during his downtime, a travel blogger’s life looks so easy and glamorous — breath taking shots, travelling to exotic destinations, checking bucket list items, and living the best life! What subscribers don’t see is the hard work behind the recorded footages.

When I published my very first travel vlog in Hong Kong, I didn’t realized how hard it is to sustain a channel. Unlike blogs where you can easily tell a story by merely putting together descriptive figures of speech + angled photos you get to process, travel vlogging entails dedication in bringing viewers spontaneously with you in almost every second of your trip.

For this post, I present to you my second attempt in sharing a travel story through a video blog. It took much, much more than one take to capture what has to be showcased in precision. I know I’m still not a pro in this but I hey, it does get better!

Here’s the 2-part episode that summarizes our recent trip to the Lion City! Hope you enjoy and subscribe!